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Campbell Shatley represents a wide array of public sector and local government clients. While our firm was built on representing educational institutions, our practice has evolved to include municipalities and other sectors of the government. We understand the duties of public bodies and work diligently to ensure our clients achieve the best outcomes. We share your commitment to saving resources while effectively representing your organization.


Campbell Shatley represents over 30 public school boards, private schools, community colleges and private four-year universities. Our clientele includes all levels of education: K-12, community college and traditional four-year universities. Three of our attorneys are former educators, which gives us first-hand knowledge of the education process. We understand the commitment our clients have to their students. Our representation reflects this commitment as we strive to help our clients find solutions in the best interest of their students.

We are available to provide the full array of legal services to education clients, or we can assist when a special need arises. As General Counsel, the firm represents the legal interests of the entity and its governing board and provides daily advice on all legal matters including personnel, liability issues, statutory / regulatory compliance, construction issues, and contract drafting and review.

We work with the administration and board in an effort to provide creative and simple solutions, with an eye toward minimizing the time the governing Board spends on legal matters.

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Municipal law is becoming increasingly more complex and specialized with each year. Municipalities must not only focus on their own regulations, but also must be cognizant of county, state and federal issues that could affect their workings. Through our wealth of knowledge and understanding of current legal trends, we can handle all municipal law issues ranging from simple public records requests to complicated construction issues.

Campbell Shatley also has a unique and useful perceptive into the workings of municipalities as one of our attorneys is a member of a local municipality’s governing council. This added knowledge base enables us to deliver informed counsel to our clients with the understanding of how a governing body actually functions.

Campbell Shatley is available to provide full legal services or collaboratively assist your local municipal attorney as issues arise.

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