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At Campbell Shatley, we work with clients to resolve employment law issues in an expedient, skilled manner. We work carefully and conscientiously in crafting an efficient and meticulous work product for our clients’ employment law needs.

Our goal is to prevent employment problems from occurring. We accomplish this through effective staff and policy development. Our firm is committed to preserving your organization’s resources and we have a proven track record of preventative legal representation. In the past year, we have provided over 50 staff trainings and have assisted many of our clients in the development of effective policies.

When an employment problem does arise, however, we understand that every client has the same desire – to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We know our clients want an effective resolution without wasting valuable resources, particularly time and revenue. We believe in providing optimal solutions at a reasonable cost to our clients when employment issues arise.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling employment law matters. We are well-versed in employment law, with a thorough understanding of the most constructive and proficient means to resolution. We handle a wide array of employment issues, from terminations and employee investigations to regulatory defense such as EEOC and Civil Rights complaints, allowing us to effectively and efficiently represent our clients.

Our expertise includes overseeing investigations of serious employee misconduct. We have represented business entities in responding to regulatory investigations, including inquiries from the EEOC and Office of Civil Rights.

Our firm’s approach is to build consensus and problem solve at the earliest possible stage of the representation. However, we understand some matters require employee termination and/or litigation to achieve the appropriate result. Our attorneys are capable and ready to aid our clients in whatever manner they need.

Campbell Shatley is available to provide full legal services as employment law issues arise.

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